Satin Cap Tutorial and Giveaway

A few weeks ago I came up with a design for satin caps but I did not post the pattern.

Materials Needed

1 yard Satin or silk charmeusse

1 yard 1/2 inch wide elastic

Matching thread for sewing.


The pattern is basically a 20 inch diameter circle, but if you want you can download the pattern and instructions here.

Cut two of the pattern you can use the same colour or different colours.



After cutting  Pin together right sides facing


Stitch around leave an opening


Turn inside out


Pin around


Stitch around to make casing.


Pull elastic through, the elastic is 19 inches long.


Pull elastic and stitch together


Slip stitch opening.


Cut away all the threads.






If you would like to receive one of these caps leave a comment below and I will draw a winner next week Friday. You can enter as many times as you like.


I used to select the winner and the winner for this giveaway is Tariro Jack.


Congratulations Tariro!

Princess Tafadzwa

I am a mom, wife and writer of this blog where I share recipes from Zimbabwe and share craft ideas, patterns and tutorials. I like to make stuff and love to learn new skills. All my patterns and e-book are downloadable from this website.

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  1. giggles100788 says

    I've been trying to make one of these for my daugther forever with no success! Thanks so much for this tutorial and pattern!!!

  2. Mai Nyasha says

    Lovely. One big plus is that I can put it on for some minutes after waking up or before going to bed in public – unlike the "popular" pulling sock . I find the pulling stocking embarassing – a pant on my head. Just wondering if it wont slip off the head coz of the material.

  3. Samu Gumbie says

    nice idea doing wonders. i have stopped using pulling socks, i use the net. i would not mind trying this one..

  4. Ems says

    If this stays on the head through the night, I am sold! Coz madhuku, mapulling socks – not very sightly!

  5. Angel says

    Thanks Tafadzwa, have been sitting on the material for my daughters for a month whilst trying to decide how exactly to make the cap – the tutorial is simple enough to follow and will give it a shot

  6. Danietta Lucas says

    I’m so glad I found your blog! I did a search for satin cap sewing patterns after viewing caps on a site that sold for $37 +. Being a DIYer myself lol, I said, “I KNOW I can make my own satin cap!” I initially found you on Craftsy, and followed the link to your blog. Being natural, I know the importance of moisture-retention, so this is perfect! I plan on making a couple for myself and for my little one, who is also natural. I love your sewing and knitting patterns to by the way! I plan on crocheting hat/scarf sets for next winter. I don’t know how to knit (yet), but It’s good to know that I have somewhere to go for inspiration :) Keep doing what you’re doing!!! Blessings, Danietta

  7. Tee says

    Lady…you just saved me a TON of money! Ask me how many times have I lost my hair bonnets? ALL of the time, ONLY having to go out and buy news ones that don’t fit because my hair is huge. I can make matching bonnets to go with the satin pillowcases I plab on making. My huge mane thanks you.


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